Malcolm Hancock, MC

Malcolm was my paternal grandfather. He served in both World Wars.

In The Great War he fought at Gallipoli (Suvla Bay, Hill 60) until wounded out, where he won an MC.

In The Second World War he was part of The Coats Mission, a unit which protected members of the Royal family and had in place escape routes for them. He then joined the Holding Battalion and in particular spent time at Chequers. He then joined the Auxiliary Units before, finally, serving as a Welfare Officer in Berlin. Four fairly exceptional jobs by any standards.

You will find various sub-pages which cover different aspects of his service and life.

Here he is as 2nd Lt. 1/4 Northamptonshire Regiment, 1915, aged 18.


Below with the Coldstreams in WW2

Malcolm Hancock

Below at the Cenotaph 25 April 1988 as President of the Gallipoli Association. From the left: Jack Gearing, David Lange (NZ PM), Malcolm Hancock, RMS Hancock

Jack Gearing, David Lange (NZ PM), Malcolm Hancock, RMS Hancock, Cenotaph 25 April 1988 (2)

Obituary in the Gallipoli Association Magazine:

Obituary Gallipolian No 60 Autumn 1989

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