Medals and a Trunk from a Berlin Bunker 1945

This post/page shows medals and a trunk recovered from a German Bunker in 1945 by Assistant Welfare Officer Lt Colonel M E Hancock, my grandfather.

Below are two Iron Crosses and various other medals all dated 1939 and 1813 on the back. Any help with further identification / information gratefully received.


The following pictures show the trunk and various engravings, certainly “Kanzlei des Führers”, meaning ‘Hitler’s Chancellery’.






Churchill opening The Winston Club. I’m pretty sure my grandfather is second from the left.



One of my Grandfather’s jobs was organising entertainment for the troops.




A plate with the inscription, “Aller Kunst Muss Das Handwerk”, meaning literally, ‘all art has to the craft procede’.


3 thoughts on “Medals and a Trunk from a Berlin Bunker 1945

  1. Hi mate, thanks for tweeting the link to this page. Medals are : two Iron Crosses 2nd Class (1939), three war merit crosses (one with swords), two war merit medals, one bag for a war merit medal. One ribbon for war merit cross with swords, one ribbon for war merit cross without swords. One ribbon for the eastern front medal.

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