Log of Wg/CDR J. M. Bryan shot down 10/06/44

I am indebted to Simon Kovatch for getting in touch and sending me a copy of this Log book recording the last flight and fatality of my Great Uncle J. M. Bryan. The log book belongs to WO CB Warr of 183 Sqn, and Simon tells me that:

“He flew missions with 183 Sqn upto Aug 1944 when he transferred to India and became a maintenance test pilot. He survived the war and flew jets as an instructor in the 50s, eventually being commissioned and retiring in the 60s. The intensity of the fighting over Normandy is captured incredibly well in his logbook and when his Squadron Leader (Scarlett) is also shot down in flames, he writes in bold next to the entry “NO FUTURE”.”

First part of Log
Second part of Log