Ypres Battlefields to The Somme

Having recently returned from the battlefields of the Ypres, I can last say I am beginning to feel some understanding for the battles, terrain and geography.  It takes time. I have visiting The Somme for over 30 years and that took time – still does. I remember always wanting to know where the front line was, the points of the compass, get to know the bearings, literally. The Ypres area is much more developed, and the front lines so much less defined. In The Somme, we mostly use bicycles and foot power, both being the perfect form of transport, and around Ypres I can now see that the same is true, though at first glance there is a feeling that the car has to do the hard work. For Ypres I have had to do some reading, which works much better after the visits, supporting the visual and initial exploration.

In a couple of days the bikes get attached to the car and we head off to Longueval, along with books, maps and backpacks.

Can’t wait.