The Power of the Blog (Internet)

I have recently been contacted buy a researcher who was involved with my grandfather, Malcolm Hancock, when he was on The Wogan talk show back in 1987.

I have had a great little chat with the historian Peter Hart at Woodstock when he was giving a talk on Gallipoli. Peter interviewed Malcolm Hancock for the Imperial War Museum way back in the early 1980s.

I have made contact and remain in touch with Malcolm Harris – grandson of John Rideout, who Malcolm rescued in the heat of battle at Gallipoli 1915, for which Malcolm won the MC.

I have been informed about the repatriation Ships of WW2 on which my maternal grandfather, Eric Walter Hare, was lucky enough to benefit from in 1942.

I have made contact and continued to liaise with eh Auxiliary Units of WW2, with whom Malcolm Hancock served with distinction.

I have been contacted by a film company for a piece for the One Show about the Coats Mission – the unit designated to looking after the Royal Family in WW2 – in which Malcolm also served.

I have been in contact with various relatives of John Michael Bryan – Wing Commander ahead of his time and clearly a special man.

I have been in contact with relatives of the Parkes family, several of whom I have researched at length – Spencer, who is remembered on the Menin Gate and Sydney Ernest, who died at Gallpoli.

All this, and more, down to the power of the internet.

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